Welcome to the PS 105 Curriculum Wiki!

We are using this space to give you the most updated versions of our planning documents. In the wiki you will find:

  • Curriculum Maps

  • Literacy and Math Bundles

  • Unit Outlines, and

  • Lesson Plans

You can find each Grade's Resources by clicking on their page on the right hand side of this page.

What's the Point?

Remember that the whole point of this initiative is to 'Strengthen Student Work' by examining and refining curriculum, assessment, and classroom instruction. To implement the bundles effectively we need to constantly look at student work and adjust our instruction. Along the way you will modify activities and lessons to best suit the needs of the students in your class.

Here is the Grade 3-5 Timeline for Implementing the Literacy Bundles

Here are the Timelines for Implementing the Math Bundles

2012 - 2013

Here is the reading and writing genre continuum